Welcome to StorySolver.  I offer consulting services for screenwriters. I am a screenwriter, filmmaker, and university professor.  I have worked in the traditional Hollywood feature film and TV environment, as well as in the independent, webisodic, doc, and short film forms. If you have a script draft, a treatment, or perhaps a book or other story you wish to adapt, and you desire professional guidance, we should talk.  I offer highly personalized and in-depth script analysis and detailed notes that lead to solutions. I do not do superficial "coverage," and I do not outsource my client's work to grad students.

Storysolver has been around for about 15 years -- My website was down for a while as I have been totally immersed in producing the film ROWS, and with university responsibilities, my Screenwriter's Boot Camp, and other script, short film, and web projects.

I'll be building out the new website, adding bog articles, screenwriting info & tips, and other cool content. StorySolver is back.