"I’ve worked with David a number of times. Clearly, he puts a great deal of time and effort in his feedback, but more importantly , he’s always right on mark in identifying key issues that strengthen the story. Always effective." Joel Rodriguez, NYC

I need two things to write a successful screenplay -- a good idea and Dave Warfield, story solver.  Warfield's masterful knowledge of screen story craft, his keen insight into structure, and his creative solutions to seemingly insurmountable problems have been invaluable to me in my process.  Dave Warfield knows how to make a story GO!

Mel Bourdeaux, writer, Kung Fu Kids

“David Warfield understood the differences between art and studio without

any judgement betwixt. He embraced the creative notions and tightened the

IDEA up without dumbing it down to studio 101 bullshit. The same b.s. that

eventually I am sure I will be asking for help from him on also!"

Kenneth Hughes, writer/ Director

David’s strength in storytelling/screenwriting has been invaluable to me. He is a constant source of creative ideas and solid structure. He has helped me take my ideas and shape them into the story that I was trying to conceive.  His knowledge, humor, endless creativity and patience are what make him a wonderful teacher and a great sounding board for all kinds of creative endeavors. He is an asset for anyone looking for guidance for their projects.

Dana White, writer, The Red Suitcase

"David has great insight into creating compelling stories and a real awareness of navigating the marketplace."

--S. W., VP of Development, London

"David has an uncanny ability to hone in on the weak points of a script, whether they are structural, thematic or logical in nature, and offer practical, effective remedies and alternatives.  His notes on my script went into an amazing level of detail that I've never received from anyone else before.  I showed a fellow writer David's notes on my script and he commented that they were honestly the best he's seen in seven years as a screenwriter."

--George Pappy, screenwriter, Los Angeles

"Not only is Dave Warfield a great consultant and mentor, but he really takes the time to teach his clients what screenwriting is all about. He teaches the nuts and bolts and heart and soul of screenwriting with a wise, witty, intelligent approach.”

--Jonnell Lennon, writer, Pretty Little Liars

“As a story consultant, David’s work is consistently insightful and beneficial. He has a keen sense of how to best convey his considerable knowledge of film production and screenwriting.”

--C. K., screenwriter/ director, Santa Monica

 “Thank you so much the focused comments you made on my work throughout.  I really learned a tremendous amount and  [my script] has greatly benefited from your challenges and thoughtful critique. 

--E. W., screenwriter, Washington, DC

“David is an excellent story consultant with a sharp sense of story analysis. I know first-hand that he is committed and tireless in his work.”

--J. D., screenwriter/ director, Los Angeles

"Story solver really helped open up the potential of my script and take it to the next level. David spun a lot of variations off my ideas, sparking surprising new possibilities."

--M. S., screenwriter, Los Angeles

Storysolver was an immense help and worth every penny.  My script went from well written, but aimless, to tight and structured.  David was always there with multiple suggestions for plot and subplots; he was indispensable in bringing my project to the professional level.