1. You have a draft of your screenplay.

Extensive evaluation of your script draft with detailed written analysis and page notes, covering story, character, dialogue, plot, structure, format,  and overall presentation.   Includes follow up phone or email discussion. $700.00

2. You have a treatment, book, or other material you wish to adapt into a screenplay.  

I provide a flexible service to meet the needs of individual writers. We will discuss your project and agree on a price for services.

3. Other services.

As a filmmaker, screenwriter, and professor, I provide tailored services to meet the needs of writers and writer/ filmmakers. If you are writing a script that you intend to produce/ direct yourself as an independent film, if you're having problems with an assignment, union or non-union, research challenges, or independent film production issues, StorySolver can help!

4. You just want basic "script coverage."

I do not perform the kind of superficial service offered by script coverage mills. It takes me a minimum of five hours to ingest your work and say something meaningful and useful about it.  My minimum charge for any level of consulting service is $250.